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shut the fuck up brock

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Gliese 581 c by erenarik

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Neuromancer - Nightclub by PHATandy

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I'm white.. I went as flavor flav for Halloween. I handed out candy with black face paint on my hands and arms and face. The only people that would stop were black people. This upset me because white people were too scared to stop and it seemed like black people were relieved to see me handing out candy until that really close and saw I was white. Moral of the story is people are people.... Every single black person came across laughed their ass off when I yelled out flavor flav to them.


Let me explain something to you.

I made a post about punching white people in the face on Halloween for wearing blackface and other appropriative costumes. Whether it was meant to be taken literally or otherwise is up to the beholder.

Since making said post, I have repeatedly had my life threatened, been called a slut nigger bitch, had someone go through my entire archive to call me a fat nigger slut (with photographic evidence), have had people suggest that I get thrown in jail “back where I belong”, and have people who have never even tried to read my blog or know anything about me imply that I am a welfare queen + shit about my educational background.

Because of Blackface. Because of a costume that would be worn for one night only. 

So if you think I give even the remotest fuck about your stupid ass story + the “black people” you needed to co-sign your bullshit in order for you to feel validated….I don’t. I don’t at all. You all suffer from a fucking disease, the disease of racism and white supremacy is a symptom. You all care more about wearing a fucking ethnicity as a joke for one night a year than….I don’t know…not portraying people’s ethnicities as a one-dimensional caricature that THEY KEEP TELLING YOU IS OFFENSIVE. I would say that I hope all of you die, but that would make me no better than any of you. Besides that, I don’t hope you die. I hope you live long enough to see the very world you hold so dearly disappear from underneath you. I hope that you live long enough to see the meek inherit this earth, and to see those who you so righteously stepped on stepping on you. I hope you live long enough to see all of the values you’ve protected so much are worthless entities, long enough to get that point of old age where you realized you spent your entire life being a hateful mongrel but you’re too old to do anything about it. And when you finally are on your death bed, I hope that you find it in your heart to pray for forgiveness to whatever deity it is you worship.

And I truly hope they forgive you. Because no one else in this life, especially not me, will. 


Lianne La Havas can actually lick her elbow. What the fuck.

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